Technical Reports
Voltage Stability Improvement and Losses Reduction in ESFAHAN Regional PowerSystem
Mohammad Mahamoudian Esfahani, Saeid Najafi, Fariborz Eghtedarnia, Ebrahim Karimi
Determining practical methods to voltage stability improvement in large power systems is the aim of this report which are based on methods and results of voltage stability studies in ESFAHAN regional power system in horizon of year 2017. Voltage stability improvement through reactive power compensation is one of the most important and conventional methods in this regard. Since this method is usually considered as multi-dimensional problem, all aspects such as investment and operation costs, technical limitations and other factors should be considered effectively. Hence, a multi objective function has been presented in this report which meet all technical and economical requirements. Problem constraints have been formed in an appropriate way to satisfy voltage stability and other limitations. Taboo search algorithm has been used to solve the optimization problem, so optimal location and appropriate size of reactive power sources have been determined. All algorithms have been provided using DIgSILENT programming language (DPL) to mechanize calculations. Numerical results show the ability of the applied method in losses reduction, voltage profile improvement and voltage stability margin enhancement.

Adaptive Dynamic Load Modeling Method for Esfahan Regional Electrical Network
(Technical Report)

Saeid Najafi, Mohammad Mahamoudian Esfahani, Ebrahim Karimi
Loads in the power systems are one of the most important parts in the network studies which have been less focused because of shortages and lack of sufficient data. In this report, an adaptive load modeling method is proposed which is useful for large scale power system in order to stability and protection analysis. This method is based on direct measurement method which has been used to record data of some specific 20kV feeders. Furthermore, least square method and Taboo search algorithm have been utilized to form and solve the objective function in presence of problem constrains Simulation results show the accuracy of the proposed model and modeling method.
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